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How We Started

Nsomnia Games was started after a tragic time in my life. I lost my daughter ( 3 ) and my younger brother ( 30 ) exactly 2 months apart. I had 2 more losses not 2 years after they passed away. Needless to say I developed severe anxiety and depression. I started suffering panic attacks and I constantly payed attention to my heart rate. It seemed I could always hear it beating. Some time passed and I had enough of feeling hopeless. I started to tell myself that they wouldn't want me to live this way. They would want me to enjoy life and do something great. So as time went by and I remembered that the best times I had with my younger brother was when we would stay up all night during the summer with our friends and play video games all night. Those where great memories. And when I got older I was definitely a gamer I got introduced to this MMORPG called Dark Age of Camelot ( DAoC ) and my little girl would sit on my lap while I played. She would watch which buttons I would press and the spell animations on screen. She never touched the keyboard she was mesmerized by what she was watching. At that moment I knew I had to do something concerning games. Some time passed and I came up with a name for a gaming company called EPIC Shield. That didn't last long at all. One of my friend that worked with me delivering furniture for Haverty's Furniture was also a gamer, he was also into the Yu-Gi-Oh Cards. That was completely over my head. We decided one day while out on our route to start a tournament gaming company. We threw ideas back and forth and ultimately coming up with Insomnia Games. I loved the name, but he wanted to drop the I in insomnia; so we did. We then brought in another friend/coworker to be the president of the company. We started off great I designed the logo with the world in the head of a face or my face (wink wink). We had our first tournament and it was a success. I still remember the WINNER after all these years ( POLLYWOOD ). And the life happened. We got older we didn't stay in touch and Nsomnia Games was dissolved. However I couldn't let it go. I would constantly keep Nsomnia Games in the minds and hearts of our supporters, because I will never give up. I wore my Nsomnia Games shirts proudly. More time passed and then it happened. The most unlikely thing happened in the world (COVID19). This crisis impacted my job to the point that my anxiety shot thru the roof and I had no idea what to do. I was forced with a decision put yourself in danger everyday or live out your dreams, because as you see tomorrow isn't promised. So I decided to pick up where I never left off and push Nsomnia Games forward 100%. It's either now or never, because time waits for no man. With the money I had saved for a rainy day and a supportive fiancée. I filed the paperwork to have Nsomnia Games LLC reinstated. Filed paperwork to get my resellers license so that I am able to print and sell my Nsomnia Games t-shirts and began streaming on twitch. Thank you for taking the time to read this about us section I really do appreciate it.



The World Never Sleeps   



Nsomnia Games is a gaming tournament company dedicated to awakening the warrior spirit in us all.



I love the shirt. It's super soft and so comfy. I'm ordering another one :)


Dude I got my shirt. This is dope bro I love it


I'm your biggest supporter. I expect big things Nsomnia Games. Let's Go!!!!!

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